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HAIR SECRET SALON is one of the most iconic shops in Downtown Upland, with their second to known customer service and professional staff, Hair Secret Salon in Downtown Upland celebrated their 6th year anniversary, in company of special local figures like Ray Musser Mayor of the City of Upland and Chamber of Commerce Beth and Joe Tatone – V.P. Membership & Sales.

It was an amazing celebration of success, friendship and love. Many of the customers drove for the occasion and congratulated Sophie Kim and the Hair Secret Salon team. And 1on1 Webs was there to capture the magic of the event.

This is one of the many ways 1on1 Webs can help your business with.

Video Productions is one of the most underestimated tool for many business owners and the capitalization of many successful ones.

Call us to learn more about 1on1 Webs Video Productions. 909.200.5641

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