“Cybercriminals Unleash a Devastating Hybrid: Infostealer Malware Takes Ransomware Attacks to New Heights!”

Hold on tight, because we have some eye-opening information about the evolving landscape of ransomware attacks! A recent ransomware report from SpyCloud has unveiled a staggering statistic: infostealer infections accounted for a sizable 22% of ransomware attacks targeting North American and European companies. This finding shines a spotlight on the expanding tactics employed by cybercriminals and the increasing threat posed by infostealer malware. Let’s dive into the details and explore the implications of this alarming trend.

Imagine a virtual underworld where cybercriminals don their digital disguises and set out on treacherous missions to infiltrate organizations. Ransomware attacks have long been a prevalent threat, holding valuable data hostage until a hefty ransom is paid. However, this report sheds light on a significant shift in tactics, as infostealers gain prominence within the ransomware landscape.

Infostealers are a particular strain of malware that focus on exfiltrating sensitive information from compromised systems. These stealthy infiltrators sneak into an organization’s network, silently siphoning off valuable data such as login credentials, financial information, or intellectual property. By combining the power of infostealers with the disruptive force of ransomware, cybercriminals strike a double blow, leaving companies not only locked out of their own systems but also exposed to the risk of data breaches and subsequent extortion attempts.

Here are a few key takeaways from the SpyCloud ransomware report:

1. Shifting Tactics: The rise of infostealer infections within ransomware attacks showcases the versatility and adaptability of cybercriminals. By combining the strategies of data theft and ransomware, attackers maximize their potential gains and wreak havoc on targeted organizations. It’s crucial for companies to remain vigilant and update their defense measures accordingly.

2. Data Breach Risks: Infostealers pose a significant risk in terms of data breaches. Once sensitive information is exfiltrated, it can be sold on the dark web or used for further malicious purposes. Organizations must prioritize robust security

Original Article https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/99928-19-of-organizations-are-prioritizing-data-visibility-and-remediation