Emerging Threat: How AI is Amplifying Cybercrime in Targeted Email Attacks

Hold onto your digital hats, for the realms of cybercrime and artificial intelligence (AI) are colliding in an ominous dance. A recent report has unveiled a startling truth that sends shivers down our cybersecurity spines: the majority of organizations believe that cybercriminals are harnessing the power of AI in their malicious email attacks. Brace yourselves as we explore this emerging threat and uncover the steps we can take to shield our organizations from AI-driven cybercrimes.

Picture a battleground where digital adversaries embrace cutting-edge technology to unleash havoc. In this ever-evolving landscape, cybercriminals have recognized the potential of AI as a potent weapon in their arsenal. The report’s findings reveal a disconcerting reality: a significant number of organizations suspect that AI is already being wielded by cybercriminals in their targeted email attacks. But let’s not succumb to fear, for knowledge is our shield, and understanding this burgeoning threat is the first step towards safeguarding our organizations. Let us delve into the depths of this

Original Article https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/99784-91-of-security-pros-say-cybercriminals-are-using-ai-in-email-attacks