“Revealed: The Controversial US Government Social Media-Scanning Tool That Threatens Freedom of Speech”

Step right up, folks, because we have even more eye-opening tech news to share! Brace yourselves for a double feature: first up, we’ve got the scoop on a US government social media-scanning tool that’s raising eyebrows, and secondly, we’ll explore the fascinating discoveries made by researchers on vulnerabilities in the global mobile communications network. Grab your seat and hold on tight—this tech rollercoaster is about to take off!

First on the stage, we have details emerging about a US government social media-scanning tool that raises concerns about our freedom of speech. This tool, reportedly used by government agencies, flags “derogatory” speech on social media platforms. While the aim may be to identify potential threats or monitor public sentiment, the concern lies in how this tool defines “derogatory” and the implications it has on our right to express ourselves freely. It’s like a modern-day surveillance tightrope act, balancing security and privacy.

Next up, our researchers have been hard at work uncovering vulnerabilities in the global mobile communications network. This network, which keeps us connected around the world, is not without its weak spots. The researchers have discovered potential points of weakness that could be exploited by cybercriminals. It’s like finding cracks in the mighty infrastructure that powers our mobile communications—challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a secure and reliable network.

But fear not, intrepid readers, for there is always a way forward. Let’s explore what steps we can take to navigate these challenging circumstances:

For the US government’s social media-scanning tool

Original Article https://www.wired.com/story/cryptominer-espionage-campaign-security-roundup/